Commissioning: an essential link in your project

We are positioning ourselves in the market for the commissioning of medium-sized installations that require a methodical follow-up of commissioning. The latter is made compulsory by the regulatory changes on the one hand and on the other hand because of the reduction of margins that no longer allow to miss the start of the plant.

For example, for a biomass-type power plant, the start date is contractual with EDF, which will rely on the production of the plant from its start. If the production date is not respected then the operator will be penalized, and consequently the engineering that made the plant. The financial impacts can therefore be substantial.

A software implementing a rigorous method of testing makes it possible to respect the deadlines for putting into production and to make the production more reliable. The software we have been developing for 2 years ensures a good commissioning.

DOMMS is the software made for technicians, by technicians.